The School Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of teachers, staff and parents. The entire focus of SAC is to address and uphold the school's progress according to the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The SIP outlines the goals of our school and is updated and or reviewed at the beginning of each year.

    The SAC chair works closely with the administrators and addresses the school board when needed. Traditionally, the SAC Chair is a two-year commitment. The SAC also administers funds for offsite training for the Perkins teaching staff.

    Our goals are to obtain the highest student achievement, in a safe environment, through effective and efficient operation.

    SAC Meeting Minutes are available a few weeks after each meeting, and are kept in a folder in the Principal's Office, available to be read on-site on request. For up-to-date news, please attend the meetings.

    Perkins Elementary School Advisory Council Bylaws