• Have You Moved?

    Did you know that if the school sends you a letter it will NOT be forwarded to your new address? Please follow these quick steps to change your address:

    1. Go to PSCB Home Page

    2. At the top of the page click on LOGIN

    3. Scroll down and click on Student Reservation (or click on this link.)

    4. Type in User Name* and Password*. (This is the same User Name and Password that parents use to log in to Portal/Focus)

    5. Click on the one statement that describes your child, and then click Continue.

    6. Click on Change of Residence Address and continue until you reach the end.

    7. Bring in your 2 Proofs of Address to the school at the front office: Copy of Lease and Utility Bill (Electric, Water, Cable) or 2 Utility Bills.



    If you discover that your family is making a change in schools for any reason, please let the Magnet Office know in writing as soon as possible. Your assistance is vital in notifying the eager students on our waiting lists.