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    Student Artwork on Display  
    Dragon Eye by Jose Pena

    On September 26, 2018, student artwork entitled Dragon's Eye was on display at the School Board Administration Building in Largo, FL. One of Clearwater Intermediate School’s current students, Jose Pena, had his artwork hung up at the reception, as well as nine former Clearwater Intermediate students. He created this piece as a sixth grader using colored pencil where he explored line, patterns, and color gradation. It will be hanging in the Administration Building until this spring. Ms. Stephanie Mould, Art Instructor and Electives Department Head, invited Jose’s family to this special districtwide event. Both present and former students from Clearwater Intermediate whose artwork was honored that evening.


    Creative START Exhibition

    Castle by Xayvien Edmonds

    For the first time since Ms. Stephanie Mould started teaching art at Clearwater Intermediate, one of her student’s artwork has been chosen to be in an exhibition. Xayvien Edmond, a fifth grader, has submitted and been accepted to have his painting entitled Castle displayed in the Creative START Show for students in Kindergarten-Fifth Grade. His piece was made using crayon and watercolor, where students explored shapes and lines. Congratulations to this gentle, creative, and hardworking young man!  The 2017-2018 school year was Ms. Mould’s first year teaching in the art department at Clearwater Intermediate, and these students worked very hard to deserve this honor.  


    Word & Image Arts Exhibition

    Love World by Betshebe Lopez-Hernandez          Betshebe and family member at the art exhibit.

    On December 8, 2018, sixth grader Betsabe Lopez-Hernandez was invited to the Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony held from 3:00 PM until 4:30 PM at the Morean Arts Center located at 719 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Her artwork entitled Love World was on display at the Word & Image Arts Exhibition in the Risser Gallery from December 7, 2018, through January 13, 2019. Clearwater Intermediate School’s art teacher Ms. Stephanie Mould was joined at the art exhibit by Betsabe Lopez-Hernandez, her parents, and her two brothers. 


    Black History Month

    Portrait of Ronald McNair      Portrait of Jesse Owens      Portrait of Muhammad Ali                                                                                                                         

    In Visual Arts class during Black History Month in February, each fifth grader received a person of significance to research and draw a portrait of their famous African American.  Included below are Ronald McNair who was the American NASA astronaut and physicist who died during the launch of the Space Shuttle, Jesse Owens who was a four-time Olympic gold medalist representing America in track and field during the 1936 Games, and Muhammad Ali won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics and one of the greatest professional boxers of all times. 


    Margaret Moore

    5-9 Art Instructory

    Clearwater Intermediate