Academic Recognition

  • Principal's Breakfast
    The Principal's Breakfast is done monthly starting in the morning at first bell.  Students are recognized in different content areas for their writing or work in class by their teachers and get invited to the Principal's Breakfast.  They get to share breakfast during their first class period with others being recognized and our Principal Mr. Wirth.  Breakfast is usually provided by our wonderful Culinary program.
    Honor Roll/Principal's List
     Every grading period, after report cards are sent out, students who earn honor roll or earn all A's and get on Principal's List are recognized in front of their peers during an award ceremony.  These students get a certificate and recognition during this time for their hard work!

Behavior Recognition

  • Panther Card
    CIS students all carry a daily card they receive from a staff member mentor.  The card has an area for students to earn 0-5 points in each class period.  There is also an area on the back for notes home and two restroom breaks.  The cards are built around TABS, our school behavior motto.
    T-Take Responsibility
    A-Act Respectfully
    B-Be Honest
    S-Stay Self Motivated
    To earn a day on the card system, students must earn at least 15 points and have a parent/guardian signature.  After 10-15 earned days, students move up on the card system.  The card values and colors are listed below.
    White card:  1-10 days
    Red Card:  11-25 days
    Silver Card:  26-40 days
    Gold Card:  41-55 days
    Platinum Card:  56 and up
    PBS Incentives
    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program is a comprehensive system for behavioral improvement. The positive refers to a change of focus from reactive, constantly pointing out what students did wrong (negatives), to proactive teaching and recognizing what children are doing right (positives). It refers to an overall change in the school climate to a learning environment where students and staff feel appreciated, safe and respected; it is a collaborative, proactive and educative approach.  Within our PBS program, we offer many incentives to our students based around positive behavior.  We have monthly events like student vs. staff athletic events such as volleyball and basketball games, dances, electronics time, intramurals, and an end of the year field day. These incentives are all linked to the Panther Card.