Media and Technology

  • media center pic Media Center
    The heart of Clearwater Intermediate School is it's Media Center. You will find over 6,000 books and audiovisual materials there, as well as current magazines.  We have a very enthusiastically used graphic novel and teen/tween fiction collection, as well as nonfiction books on almost any topic. We are also very active in inter library loan with every other school in Pinellas County, borrowing hundreds of books for our students and staff each year. Let Mrs. Williams, the Media Specialist, know if you would like to borrow a book from another school, we want to get you the books that you want to read! Check out the Media Center link on the left navigation bar.
    Computer Lab Computer Labs
    We have 4 computer labs at CIS.  Labs have about 17 computers with Internet access. In addition to the computer labs we also have several mobile labs made up of netbooks for teachers to sign out and take to their classrooms.
    Classroom labs Classroom Computers
    Each core content classroom has its own mini-lab of four to ten computers with Internet access and curriculum software.