Media and Technology

  • Media Center Library Media/Technology
    The heart of Clearwater Intermediate School is it's Learning Commons. You will find over 5,000 books and audiovisual materials there, as well as current magazines. We have a very enthusiastically used anime/graphic novel and teen fiction collection, as well as nonfiction books on almost any topic. We are also very active in interlibrary loan with every other school in Pinellas County, borrowing hundreds of books for our students and staff each year. Let Mrs. Kelley, the Library Media/Technology Specialist, know if you would like to borrow a book from another school. We want to get you the books that you want to read! Check out the Learning Commons link.

    Computer Labs Computers
    We have 6 computer labs at Clearwater Intermediate School with 18 to 25 computers each. Teachers are able to use the computer labs with their classes by scheduling with the library media/technology specialist.

    Classroom Computers Each classroom has its own mini-lab of approximately six computers.  Some classrooms have mobile laptop labs or iPads.


    Book Fair Connects Students with Engaging Books

    Clearwater Intermediate School hosted a Scholastic Book Fair from August 31st Books were available on African-American Voices through September 7th. It was a special reading event that brought students books on topics they wanted to read. The displays included a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level, and all purchases benefited our school! Reading for pleasure inside and outside of school has real and long-lasting benefits. This book fair was available to parents during Open House Night and online, too!


    Open Poetry MikeMiddle school student reading a poem into a microphone.

    During the month of April, Clearwater Intermediate's Learning Commons hosted an Open Poetry Mike in celebration of National Poetry Month and National Library Month. During lunch, students can secure a hall pass to either listen to poetry being read aloud, select a poem to share with others, or read an original poem they have written. Student can use a microphone to project their voice for other to enjoy a poetry reading.

    Student faces audience while sharing a poem. Middle school student holds a microphone while reciting a poem.   Students leans on podium while reciting a poem into a microphone.