• PBS 

    Here at CIS we have a strong PBS system.  Officially, PBS or Positive Behavior Support, is described as an empirically validated, function-based approach to eliminate challenging behaviors and replace them with pro-social skills. Use of PBS decreases the need for more intrusive or aversive interventions (i.e., punishment or suspension) and can lead to both systemic as well as individualized change.  We try to deal with challenging behaviors on a case by case basis with the goal of teaching strategies on how to change the behavior and by reinforcing appropriate behavior with incentives and recognition.
    Character is who you are when no one is looking! 

  • Behavior Card
    Panther Cards are a behavior tracking card that all students are required to take to all classes.  They give them to the teacher upon entering the class.  The card has point values from 5-0.  Students earn points in every class by being on time, following procedures, participating, completing work, staying on task, etc.  The goal is to earn at least 15 points each day and get a parent or guardian to sign the card.  If the student does complete this goal, they earn a day.  After 15 days they move up to the next card color.  We offer many incentives and rewards for students who move up on the card system.
    We have a mentoring program in which every student is matched with a staff mentor that they check in with every morning.  They receive a behavior card form their mentor that they take to all of their classes.  They will return any completed cards back to that mentor as well.  We also use student's mentors as resources to go to with problems, concerns, or for a listening ear. 
  • Bullying
    No one should have to experience bullying or harassment of any kind. If our students are or have already been bullied or harassed there are several sources for helpful information and ways to report it.