• CIS offers several reading programs to accommodate readers on all levels.
    Read 180 is an intervention reading program that includes instructional technology, whole and small-group instruction, and independent reading.  Read 180 is used in 6th and 7th Grade.
    Achieve 3000 uses Lexiles to differentiate instruction together with a proven approach to improving fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking
    Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing & Plugged Into Reading offer students a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary literature, with more multicultural authors and a greater emphasis on nonfiction in an engaging reader-response format that builds literacy skills.
    All programs will focus on the new Florida standards for reading and writing in order to prepare students to take the state FAS test in the Spring.   

Language Arts

  • English Language Arts in middle school grades (6-8) are using a new curriculum this year entitled "Collections."  In this program, strategies in reading both fiction and nonfiction are designed to aid students in developing their abilities toward analyzing complex texts, determining evidence, reasoning critically, and communicating thoughtfully-the must-have skills for college and career.  Students use their grade-level Collections textbooks, Close Readers, and Assessment booklets as well as a blended digital and variety of interactive writing lessons to direct their learning processes and challenge their skills in both reading and writing.

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