• Welcome to the Clearwater Intermediate School media center home page!  Your media specialist is Sherrie Williams, she has been at CIS since 2003.
    The online card catalog (OPAC) can be found here, click on "Clearwater Intermediate" under the list of middle schools to  get to our home page.  The OPAC is found under the "catalog" tab, but also check out the homepage for many great resources.

    Did you know that one of the best ways for a student to improve his or her reading skills is to read books chosen from within their lexile range? Books from within their lexile range challenge them enough to help them grow as a reader, but not too much to frustrate them. If you would like a custom book list of titles from the Clearwater Intermediate media center that are within your student’s lexile range, email media specialist Sherrie Williams. For a list tailored to your student’s interests, included a list of topics he or she is interested in- for example; sports, mystery, science fiction, drama, history, etc. You don’t even need to know your student’s lexile score, Mrs. Williams can look it up. Email Mrs. Williams at williamsshe@pcsb.org and she will email you back a customized list of books especially for your student within a few days.

    Did you know that you can borrow books from any school in Pinellas county?  Email Mrs. Williams and let her know what you are looking for, she will be glad to get it for you!  It is called interlibrary loan (ILL), and at CIS we love ILL!

    Computer labs schedule color codes:

    Lab 1105= blue
    Lab 1403= purple
    Lab 5003= yellow
    Lab 3002= green
    Lab 1302= red

Computer labs schedule: Lab 1105= blue. Lab 1403= purple. Lab 5003= yellow Lab. Lab 3002= green.

  • Computer labs schedule: Lab 1105= blue. Lab 1403= purple. Lab 5003= yellow Lab. Lab 3002= green.
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