OMS Supply List

  • It is our expectation that all OMS students bring their fully charged laptops and a 3' binder to and from school every day.  This will help keep all students organized and allow students to have access to materials. In order to protect student laptops and make it easy for students to carry laptops and binders to every class, we suggest all families purchase a 3 inch binder with a laptop case all-in-one. These can be purchased online or found in various department/office supply stores. Below is an image of a sample.  The only other recommended supplies for you to purchase are packs of loose leaf paper, 6 dividers for the binder, at least 3 spiral notebooks, and writing utensils of your choice.

    laptop case/binder

    There may be a few additional recommended classroom supplies communicated by individual teachers on the opening days of school.  However, we are trying to keep them limited to offset the cost of purchasing a binder/laptop case.

    Thank you for your support with this parents!