• Hello! Welcome back!! Osceola Middle School's Unclub, a student-led prayer club, will start off the 2020-21 school year Friday, September 11th! We hope to see all members from last year and lots of new friends!

    Meet an Unclub sponsor at the front Bus Circle gate’s door beginning at 8:30 and go directly to G202, Mrs. Costi’s room. If members come to school after we have let the others inside, they should go through the front office and tell them they are attending Unclub. PLEASE, go directly to G202! Thank you!

    We have many fun plans, so find out what we will have going on for Unclub! Gary Hunt, pastor of Unclub Ministries, will comes each week with his delicious donuts! We let students out at the first bell to go to their lockers. Be sure to tell your neighbors, bus riders, class members, students who sit with you at lunch so we can have a great first meeting! Encourage them to join our Facebook group!

    If anyone has any questions, write to costil@pcsb.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Visitors, other than Osceola Middle School students, must check in at the front office prior to coming into the building. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you soon!