• Unclub is a student-led prayer group that meets in room G202. Unclub meets every Friday at 8:30 and ends in time for students to go to lockers and get to first period on time. The students wait at the front gate by the main office for a teacher to escort them to the room at 8:30. If students arrive later than 8:30, they may go through the front office and directly to room G202.

    Unclub has between 45 and 80 students who attend each week, with membership topping 150 students each year. Unclub students pray for the school's students, family, staff, and things in their own lives and our world. Activities include a music video with positive messages, making new friends, a devotion out of a book called If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open?, skits, character development, and discussions. Laughs and fun are included in every meeting. Announcements about the fun things going in youth groups are made as students invite and encourage others to attend. A youth pastor and guest speakers come every week. Some students encourage their youth pastors, parents, and community members to join them. At least two adults supervise the room as the students hold their meetings.

    Unclub is sponsored by Ms. Lystra Costi. You can reach her by clicking here.