School Advisory Council

  • SAC Meetings will be held at 6:00pm on the second Tuesday of the month before PTA:

    *August 15th

    *September 12th

    October 10th

    November 14th

    *December 20th - date updated

    *January 16th

    February 13th - Canceled

    March 5th

    April 9th

    May 14th


    *Denotes in person meeting in the Media Center. 

    All other meetings will be virtual.  Link can be found on the school website.  Meeting Agenda will be posted a week prior to the meeting.


  • Join us virtually for our SAC Meeting. Click on the Teams link below to join!
    5/14 Meeting:

    Florida Law Section 1001.452(1)(a) states that every school must have a School Advisory Council (SAC) composed of parents, students, business partners, community members, support staff, teachers, and the principal.  SAC members work collaboratively to:

    • Analyze relevant data to determine school improvement priorities. 
    • Assist in the development, implementation, support, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
    • Contribute in the decision-making process and approval of expenditures with the annual school budget, School Recognition Funds, and funds specifically designated for SAC to support SIP initiatives.

    Membership and Election

    Each school’s SAC should be a balanced number of stakeholders that reflect the ethnic, racial and economic makeup of the school.  Florida law also states that the majority (over 50 percent) of SAC members must not be employed by the school district.  

    Each group of stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, support staff) shall elected by their respective peer groups at the school.

    Interested in Being a Part of SAC?

    If you are interested in being a part of SAC, there is a form for 23-24 coming soon. Please attend one of our meetings for more information!

    Rita Sinn, SAC Chair

    Judy Mitzlaff, Secretary