Extended Learning Program


    The DHMS Extended Learning Program (ELP) is available to all students. The goals of the program are to help students achieve success in all academic fields, to improve Reading and Math proficiency and to provide credit recovery. The program will provide additional hours of instruction in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science by certified teachers to students who are in need of enrichment, tutoring, or in danger of failing. Students that attend ELP will receive 1 KILT for each session. We are offering a variety of options before and/or after school to continue to support your child’s academic success. At this time, the following sessions are looking for students to sign up:



    Please return the bottom of this form to your academy office to sign up for any of our ELP programs. Please note, transportation to ELP is not provided at this time. If you have any questions, please contact the section teacher or Mrs. Alford at alfordcal@pcsb.org or call us at (727) 469-4112. Thank you.




    Student Name: __________________________________    Grade: _________     1st Period Teacher:__________________________

    ELP GROUP(S):  (Please check all that apply)

    _____ Remediation/Enrichment – Section(s):   ____1   ____2   ____3   ____4   ____5   ____6   ____7   ____8

    _____ Course Recovery – Subject(s):____________________________________

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    ELP Details:

    • ELP is every Tuesday/ Thursday (12/13/16—5/25/17)
    • Pick up at the school at 5:00pm.
     Please contact the ELP teacher to confirm start date.
    STEM CLUB - The STEM academy will be accepting only 20 students to participate.  Students who were in the academy last year will be accepted first.  STEM will begin on October 5th and end on April 26th.  At the end of the year, students are expected to participate in the STEM Expo on April 29, 2017 (Saturday).