• Spring Season is coming soon!

    Flag football and Track:


    Students must have all completed paperwork on file to participate in tryouts.  Students who played last year must update their paperwork. 

    Please fill out the following forms:

    Middle School Participation Packet

    Student Accident Insurance Link


    **Students will also need a physical that is less than 1 year old**

    Our flag football coaches are Mr. Diop (diopc@pcsb.org) and Ms. Myers (myersmica@pcsb.org) .  

    Our boys and girls track coaches are Ms. Barbosa (barbosaj@pcsb.org) and Ms. Flannery (flanneryk@pcsb.org) . To be eligible for tryouts, your student must have the following items on file with the school:

    Track Tryouts start Tuesday February 22nd.  All paperwork must be turned in to the coaches by Friday February 18th.

    There will be a Flag Football informational meeting on Wednesday February 23rd from 4:10-4:45 in room 3-214.  Flag Football Tryouts.JPG Flag Football Tryouts will be held Thursday February 24th after school.  All paperwork must be turned in to the coaches by prior to Tryouts.

    Track Tryouts


    Flag Football

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  • Information for School Athletics

    Athletic Director - Mrs. Jenieff Watson - watsonje@pcsb.org


    Sports and Approximate Season Start Times
    All sports except cheerleading field one boys and one girls team selected from the three grade levels.

    • Volleyball – August-October
    • Cheerleading – August-January
    • Basketball – November-January
    • Track – February-April
    Dunedin Highland Middle School is in a competitive league and playing time for all sports is not guaranteed. It is left to the coach’s discretion based on practice and game performance as to how much playing time is garnered by your child.

    Requirements for Eligibility
    All students are required to fulfill the following requirements at the time of tryouts. Any student that does not comply will not be eligible to tryout. The GPA requirement does not apply to incoming sixth grade students during the first grading period.
    • Participation Form signed by the legal guardian (https://www.pcsb.org/Page/1547)
    • 2.0 GPA that is checked at the end of every six weeks
    • $5.00 school insurance - Student Insurance
    • Updated sports physical dated after (these are good for 365 days from the date of the doctor’s signature)

    All paperwork must be copied and brought to the appropriate tryout and handed to the coaches. Paperwork that is on file in the offices will not be accepted as proof due to Pinellas County regulations and liability. The paperwork that is submitted will be kept on file for the year and is accepted for all of the school sports. You do not need new copies for every tryout that is held.

    Transportation and Requirements for Driving Students

    The county does not provide buses to away games and all schools rely on parent volunteers for transporting players to away game sites. Upon completion of an away game, players are not provided a ride back to Dunedin Highland Middle School and it is the parents’ responsibility to pick up their child from the away site promptly upon completion of the event. PCSB policy only requires coaches to remain at practice or the game site for no more than 30 minutes following completion of the event.

    Because we depend on volunteers to drive, we are required to comply with county policies applicable to being with students when not in the presence of a school board employee. All drivers must be Level II cleared by the county and fingerprints and a background check are required. For information regarding Level II screening, please visit www.pcsb.org. Also, the proper amount of insurance coverage on your vehicle and passengers is required. The volunteer and driving forms are located in the front office. Background checks and fingerprinting are completed by a third party and take approximately three weeks to complete. If you plan to drive for volleyball or cheerleading, which begin at the beginning of the year, please consider completing your Level II screening prior to the start of the school year. When driving only your own child the forms are not necessary.



    School Insurance Info