• Lunch Pals Mentoring Program


    Lunch Pals is an incredible opportunity for volunteers to meet and mentor students once a week for 30 minutes over the student's lunch. Students are identified by school personnel who believe the child could benefit from a mentoring relationship. Some students are facing social, economic, family hardships, academic challenges, or are just at a point where they will especially benefit from a positive and encouraging adult who spends time with them. Mentors are accessible, open to listening, and non-judgmental. They build meaningful connections and trusting relationships with students.

    Lunch Pals Program Goals:

    1. Support the student's social and emotional development
    2. Support academic gains and growth
    3. Improve school involvement and attendance
    4. Provide and exceptional experience for Lunch Pals and their students


    If you are interested in becoming a Lunch Pals Mentor, check out our Volunteer Opportunities for more information!

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