• Mrs. Freeman
    The Music program at Cypress Woods Elementary offers a wide variety of musical opportunities. Students are engaged in hands on learning, playing and creativity in Music. Utilizing the State and National Music Standards the students have the opportunity to experience Music through song, dance, improvisation and composition while playing a wide variety of instruments.

    The Music program at C.W.E follows the curriculum and processes of Orff Schulwerk. The Orff process integrates the musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, form and tone color into the student's musical experience. In the Orff process the child is the center of creativity, where the stress is on active learning through creating music together.

    Cypress Woods Music Department also offers an exciting drumming experience using the World of Drumming program. This culturally rich curriculum teaches percussion technique and rhythmic patterns through the use of a variety of hands on experience with authentic culturally diverse drums.

    Mrs. Freeman also offers a wide array of Musical Ensembles available to the students at Cypress Woods:

    Chorus for 4th and 5th grades
    String Classes for 3rd through 5th grades - includes instruction on
    Violin, Viola and Cello
    World Drumming and Orff Ensemble for students in
    3rd through 5th Grade

    The Music Program at Cypress Woods will enrich your child's life and offer a doorway into the wonderful world of Music.