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McMullen-Booth Elementary

McMullen-Booth Elementary

  • 2016-2017 School Supplies by grade level



     School Hours:  8:35 am – 2:35 pm   Monday – Friday


    McMullen Booth Elementary School

    2016-17 Suggested Class Supply Lists*



    Pre-Kindergarten Suggested Supply List

    *Standard sized back pack - no wheels

    towel for rest time (labeled)

    complete change of clothes (labeled)


    1 container of antibacterial surface wipes


    Kindergarten Suggested Supply List


    Standard size backpack – no wheels

    Bath sized towel for rest time – no mats

    1 box of tissues

    2 containers of disinfecting wipes

    Elmer's glue sticks (child-sized) - 6-8

    *** There may be additional supply items requested by your child’s assigned teacher

    in August.***


    First Grade Suggested Supply List

    1 box of tissues                                                                       8 glue sticks, white

    1 pack of  #2 pencils                                                               1 container disinfectant wipes

    School box (8” X 5 1/2”) plastic                                              1 pair “Fiskars” scissors         

    3 spiral notebooks                                                                   1 yellow highlighter

    2 Boxes of Crayons – 16 or 24 count                                     Standard size backpack (no wheels)

    1 box sandwich size ziplock bags                                           1 box gallon size ziplock bags

    3 pocket folders with clasps (Red & Yellow & Green)          

    Insulated water bottle (except Ms. Steakley’s class)

    Headphones for computer use – not ear buds


    Second Grade Suggested Supply List

    3 doz. #2 pencils                                                                     2 composition notebooks
    1 bottle hand sanitizer                                                             1 plastic bottle of soap

    12 glue sticks                                                                          1 supply/pencil box (small)                

    2 boxes tissues                                                                      3 pkgs 3 X 3 Post-It notes                              

    1 box of 24 crayons                                                                1 box of 12 colored pencils

    2 containers disinfecting wipes                                               1 pair scissors

    3 Expo dry erase markers (black or primary colors)             1 headphone (Not Earbuds)
    1 Ruler cm/inches

    (1) 1-inch 3-ring binder with clear pocket front and pockets inside

    1 each green, blue & red three-prong folder (Mrs. Leaven’s Class Only)



    Third Grade Suggested Supply List

    1 box of 12-count colored pencils

    1package of loose leaf notebook paper

    1 box of tissues                  

    1 pack of glue sticks

    1 liquid hand soap                                             

    1 disinfectant wipes                                     

    1 standard size backpack                                               

    1 3-ring 1-inch black binder

    1 set of dry erase markers

    1 plastic toolbox to hold supplies                                     

    1 pair of child sized Fiskar scissors 

    1 pack non-mechanical pencils (#2)

    1 pack of pencil-top erasers

    2 wide-ruled composition notebooks

    1 headphone set for computer (dollar store)


    Mrs. Hilkert’s 3rd Grade Suggested Supply List

    3-ring binder, 1 inch – any color/style

    3 composition books (1 black/white, 1 green, 1 red)

    (Please buy the cardboard cover composition books.)

    Package of Post-It Notes (3x3, yellow)

    Glue sticks (2 packs of 4 or more)

    Pencil pouch or box

    Pencils (2 or 3 packs of 12) – no mechanical

    Colored pencils (12 pack)

    Folder – any color/style/design

    Red or blue pen

    Box of tissues

    Liquid hand soap (not sanitizer)


    Child scissors

    Pencil top erasers or big pink eraser 

    Steno notebook

    Loose Leaf Paper


    Fourth Grade General School Supply List

    Specific class supply lists will be provided by teachers at Meet and Greet


    1” Three Ring Binder

    1 Box of Colored Pencils

    Headphones (any kind)

    Child Size Scissors

    Soft Pencil Case/Pouch

    2 Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks

    1 Blue 3 Prong Folder



    2 Packages of #2 Pencils
    (Ticonderoga brand preferred)

    Glue Sticks

    1 Box of Tissues

    1 Hand Soap

    1 Package of Loose-Leaf
    Wide-Ruled Paper

    1 Package of Graph Paper

    Black Dry Erase Markers


    Wish List

    Page Protectors

    Colored Dry Erase Markers


    Mrs. Bowers

    Personal Supplies

    3 one inch binders with pockets

    1 three prong folder with pockets

    1 pack clear page protectors

    1 pack of ten page dividers (can be found at dollar store)

    2 dry erase markers

    2 composition books

    1 soft pencil case

    1 pair headphones (can be found at dollar store)


    Shared Supplies

    1 pack loose leaf lined paper

    1 pack loose leaf copy paper

    1 pack graph paper

    1 pack 3x5 note cards

    1 pkg. "stickie" notes

    1 pkg. #2 pencils

    1 pkg. glue sticks

    1 box of tissues OR 1 bottle of liquid soap


    2016/2017 McClister School Supply List


    1” Three Ring Binder

    2 Packages of #2 Pencils
    (Ticonderoga brand preferred)

    1 Box of Colored Pencils

    1 Box of Crayons

    Headphones (any kind)

    Child Size Scissors

    4 Glue Sticks

    Pencil Box or Pouch

    1 Three Subject Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebook

    2 Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks

    2 Folders – with Pockets & Brads

    Checking Pen
    (Red, Blue, or Purple)



    1 Box of Tissues

    1 Hand Soap

    1 Container Disinfecting Wipes

    1 package of Loose-Leaf
    Wide-Ruled Paper

    1 Package of Graph Paper

    3 x 3 Post-it Notes

    4 Pack Black Dry Erase Markers


    Wish List

    Page Protectors

    Extra Set of Colored Pencils

    Ziplock Baggies

    Colored Dry Erase Markers


    Mrs. Schulers supply list click here


    Fifth Grade Suggested Supply List

    **Specific class supply lists will be provided by teachers at “Meet & Greet”

     One 1-1/2” three-ringed binder

    One 2” three-ringed binder (Mrs. Schumaker only)

    One 1” three-ringed binder (Ms. Pollock only)

    Colored pencil set

    Wide-ruled composition book(s)

    Tabbed dividers

    Dry erase markers

    Permanent Marker

    Glue Sticks (4 pack)

    Headphones or Earbuds

    Highlighters (Pkg of Multiple colors)

    Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)

    Soft Pencil Bag/Pouch

    Wooden #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga brand preferred)


    Washable Markers



    Disinfecting Wipes

    Flash Drive (optional)


    Ms Bowerman (Schumaker) list Click here


    Frazier’s Suggested Supply List:

    Four (4) Composition Books (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math)

    One (1) 2-inch three-ringed binder

    One (1) package of tabbed dividers

    One (1) soft pencil bag/pouch

    Notebook paper (wide-ruled)

    Pencils (#2)

    Colored Pencils



    Glue Sticks

    Additional optional items:

    Thumb Drive


    Ms. Pollock’s suggested supplies list

    Composition Notebooks—NOT SPIRALS (PLEASE)




    1-Social Studies


    1-Computer Lab

    1-Extra (students notebooks often fill up before the end of the year)


    Post-it-notes ( 2 packages-any size/ color)


    LABELS—2 packs

    Glue Sticks (3)

    Folders (4)



    1-guided reading (folder with prongs please)



    1---1 inch



    Colored pencils

    Permanent marker

    Pencil BAG

    Dry erase markers (2 packs- any color)


    Pencils (regular or mechanical)

    RED pen

    Highlighters ( 2 packages—multicolored)

    Loose leaf paper

    Graph paper (1 package)


    Deodorant (optional)



    Hand sanitizer



    Mrs. Drummond’s Classroom Supplies

    2 Packages of wooden Yellow #2 Pencils

    Wide Ruled Notebook Paper - one package for school & one package for home

    4 Black and White Wide Ruled Composition Books

    2 Large Glue Sticks

    1 Zippered Pencil Pouch

    One 1-1/2 " Three Ringed Binder

    1 package of 5 tab dividers

    3 Two-Pocket Folder with Prongs (paper, any color)

    1 Plastic Yellow Two-Pocket Folder

    1 Box of Tissues

    1 Ream of White Copy Paper

    1 Container of Disinfecting Wipes

    1 Box of Colored Pencils (for home)

    1 pair of small headphone ear buds




    *Individual Teachers may ask for specific supplies unique to their class.  Those lists will be available at the “Meet & Greet”.




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