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    Students at MBES are computer programming!  Yes, all ages, Kindergarten through 5 grade are working on creating code using the www.code.org  website in the Media Center during their Library Lessons.  So far, our students have written over 80,000 lines of CODE!  They are well on their way to becoming future computer programmers!  Our final goal is to program our OZOBOTS using algorithms they have created. 

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    Recreational Reading Logs


    Spirit Sticks

    Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes per evening.  Record these minutes on our monthly Recreational Reading e-Calendars and students will have the chance to earn prizes.  For recording their minutes, students will receive a coupon for a free Pizza Hut personal pizza.  If a student reads 320 minutes in a month for 3 months in a row, they will receive a Spirit Stick.  And when a student reads 1000 minutes or more in one month, they become a member of our 1,000 Minute Club and receive a coupon for a free kids meal at a local restaurant.  So start reading and recording your reading minutes.


    • Starting Sept. 1st, 2018!!  

      New and improved monthly recreational reading calendars are now available!

      Electronic calendars will now be used to track students Recreational Reading minutes.  We have moved this direction to help minimize the hours of work that were required each month to complete this program.

      Students will now find their e-calendars through their Clever icon and can be accessed either at home or at school.  Have the students click on the Recreational Reading Minutes icon located within their Clever and record the minutes read each day. 

      Incentives and prizes are still available for all who participate. 

      Ways to win prizes:

      • Each student who participates will receive a coupon for a free Pizza Hut Pizza plus Manatee Money.
      • Those students who have read 320 minutes or more for the month will receive a spirit stick.
      • We will recognize our 1000-minute club readers with additional coupons.
      • If your entire class records their minutes, the class will receive a bonus prize.

      Instructions for student access:

      1. Log into Clever using PCSB credentials
      2. Click on the Recreational Reading Minutes icon
      3. Fill out form
        1. Teachers name
        2. Grade
        3. Date read
        4. Minutes read
      4. Click submit

      Tricks and tips:

      1. Form can be filled out daily or weekly
      2. Younger students can request help from parents, older siblings, safety patrols, or stop by the library for help
      3. Monthly reports will be run by the media center and shared with all teachers.
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