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    Family and Community Engagement

    MBES would like to welcome back all our hardworking volunteers! And if you are new to our school, we want to take the time to welcome you and ask you to fill out the volunteer forms found in your welcome back-to-school packet. Please also consider filling out a form for your student(s) as well. We have many opportunities for your student(s) to begin learning the importance of volunteerism.

    A friendly reminder that to help in any capacity at MBES, you must be a registered volunteer. If you are already registered as a volunteer, please log on to the PCSB volunteer website to reactivate; no new volunteer form is necessary unless you have had a change of circumstances.

    If you are a new volunteer, you must register online at http://bit.ly/VolunteerRegistrationPCSB

    Your registration, once approved, applies to any Pinellas County school.

    When you come to MBES please make sure you have your photo ID with you every time. If you are Level II you must always have your Level II badge on you, but still must check in through the front office computer. Every person who enters the MBES campus must be checked in through the front office computer. There will be no exceptions. This is for the safety and security of everyone. This process will allow us to know who is on campus in the event of an emergency. It will also serve as a secondary log for volunteer hours, so please make sure you are also checking OUT through the front office.

    For any questions concerning volunteering, becoming a mentor, or partner in education, please
    contact our Family & Community Liaison Natalie Hoefer at hoefern@pcsb.org.



    Supervised Volunteers
    • New Volunteers Complete a Registration Form – cannot start volunteering until the background check has been completed.
    • Background screening can take up to 3 weeks to complete
    • Volunteer profiles will be updated when the background check has been completed
    •  Returning Volunteers Activate in Focus – All Background Screening is good for 5 years
    • Volunteer’s sign in at front desk
    • Check through Badge Pass 
    • Volunteer’s log hours on the volunteer computer
    • Volunteer will wear a badge on campus at all times
    • Volunteer(s) will be supervised

    Unsupervised Volunteers

    • Volunteers must be State or Nationally Background Screened Approved prior to getting a Level 2 screening
      Please visit this website for the updated requirements:  https://www.pcsb.org/Page/12334
    College Students
    • Processed through Personnel – cannot be on campus until registration and a Level 2 screening is completed.
    • Must be in Focus as a registered Level 2 volunteer
    • Log Volunteer hours
    • College students must contact personnel for any questions regarding their profile
    • Must wear their college badge at all times
    • This does not apply to college students who are doing community service projects as part of their degree

    Vendors – Level 2

    • Must wear a badge at all times
    • PCSB Employees who are Volunteers – Registered – Level 2 Screened, must wear their PCSB badge at all times
    All Speakers
    • Must be Registered and State/National Background Screened in focus before coming on campus
    • Must log hours in Focus
    • Large Speaking Events i.e. Great America Teach-In speakers do not have to register individually, but their hours must be recorded.