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Accessing Clever at home

Clever instructions to access Clever at home

Installing iStation at home


Directions for logging on to ST Math through Clever at home:
At Home, students will:
1. Go to the Pinellas County School District homepage (
2. Select the Student tab
3. Scroll down to Site Shortcuts on the left side of screen
4. Click on Clever
5. Click on Active Directory (This page could be bookmarked.)

The student will be asked to log in*

Once students log in, they will be able to access ST Math. Homework will only be accessible through Clever.

*If there are siblings sharing devices at home, students need to log out of ST Math AND Clever before the next student logs in.



Have you reviewed the tutorial videos on our website? (If not, go here first

Are you using the link on our website not (If not, please use the link on the website.)

Have we confirmed that the student is using a working ID and password?

Can they successfully log into Clever?

Is it both iStation and STMath that they cannot get into? (If not, which one is the problem)

Have they downloaded the latest version of the app? (If not, please do. If not sure, uninstall the app and download again)


CLEVER informative video