Physical Education

  • This seven minute workout consists of a dozen simple and familiar exercise routines designed to promote strength development for all major muscle groups of the body and to use large muscle groups (upper body, core, lower body) to create the appropriate resistance and aerobic intensity. “The seven-minute workout is great for parents and kids to get fit together because it’s quick, easy and fun,” says Dr. Michael Omidi.

    The Dozen Exercises are as Follows:

    1. Jumping jacks - Total body

    2. Wall sit - Lower body

    3. Push-up - Upper body

    4. Abdominal crunch - Core

    5. Step-up onto chair - Total body

    6. Squat - Lower body

    7. Triceps dip on chair - Upper body

    8. Plank - Core

    9. High knees/running in place - Total body

    10. Lunge - Lower body

    11. Push-up and rotation - Upper body

    12. Side plank – Core