Guidance Program

  • North Shore’s School Counseling Program provides:


    1.   Classroom lessons based on Pinellas County School’s district model, Commitment to Character. Which include:

    ·         Emotions, coping skills, communication skills

    ·         Conflict resolution, diversity, tolerance, teamwork

    ·         Community-building


    2.    Group work with students

    ·         Friendship/Social Skills/Lunch Buddies


    3.    Individual work with students

    ·         Short-term work to meet social, emotional, and behavioral goals


    4.    Crisis intervention

    ·         Help in planning to prevent crises

    ·         Restore safety and routine after crises


    5.    Consultation with staff and parents/guardians

    ·         Discuss and plan for student needs

    ·         Provide resources and education


    6.    Referral assistance to services in the community

    ·         Clinical counseling, case management, and emergency