• We, at Clearwater Intermediate, believe that student dress and overall appearance should foster a positive and productive environment and should reflect pride in one’s self as well as in our school. We further believe that student dress and appearance is a shared responsibility of the home and the school. It is our sincere desire to provide adequate leeway for individuality, but at the same time to maintain a standard of good grooming and personal modesty. All clothing should be neat, clean and in good repair.

      Additional information and a few common concerns are outlined below:

    • No rips, holes, or cuts in clothing.

    • Clothing must cover undergarments. Undergarments should not be visible. The outer clothing should not be transparent so as to reveal the undergarment.

    • Pants and shorts should not be worn well-below the student’s waist, in such a way that their undergarments are revealed.

    • The student’s torso, including the midriff area, must be covered at all times.

    • Shoes must be worn at all times.  No flip-flops, slides or slippers.  Prefer closed toes shoes to promote safety.  May wear sandals with back straps

    • No leggings, jeggings or form-fitting pants.

    • Students may wear shorts, skorts, or skirts as long as they are longer than mid-thigh.  We define "mid-thigh" as being half way between the bottom of the buttock and the knee.  We recognize that very short shorts/skirts are popular however they are not appropriate for a school setting and students will be asked to change or cover-up should they violate the stated length minimums.

    • Female students should refrain from wearing any t-shirt, blouse or top that reveals undergarments or excessive cleavage.

    • Tops must cover the shoulder (no off-the-shoulder sweaters or sweatshirts, spaghetti straps or tank tops). Boys may not wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts

    • Hats, headbands, head scarfs of any kind and sweatshirt hoods worn over the head are not acceptable during school hours. Students will be instructed regarding this expectation at the beginning of the school. Subsequent violations may require the students to relinquish the item and a parent or guardian to come in to the school to retrieve the hat, headbands, head scarfs or sweatshirt.

    • Apparel which advertises, promotes, or displays illegal substances, (alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, etc), illegal activities, or alcohol establishments, profanity, sexual innuendos or double meanings are not acceptable.

    Please help support our rules and policies, thereby facilitating your son’s or daughter’s growth as learners, citizens and young adults. We ask that you speak with your student(s) about the policy and guidelines and consider these expectations when shopping for clothing or evaluating their day to day dressing and grooming habits.  If you have any additional questions or concerns contact the school.