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    Coach Miller

    The mission of the Seminole High School football program is to field a team that excels on the field, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our school and community. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential as a team and as individuals.


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    Bronson Comer 12th Grade Captain View on the SHS Football team 


     How do you and the team interact?

    - we are a brotherhood and a family bond that can not be broken


    How has the team ans playing impact you?

    - it taught me to be a team player and to work hard toward my accomplishments


    What is your greatest accomplishment?

    - playing 3 years on the Varsity and being the Captain for two years in a row


    What is your Favorite memory?

    - Brandon Walton giving me his jersey



    Our Players

    Trey Alderman 11 OL/DL
    Steven Anderson 11 DL
    Christian Ayers 11 OL/DL
    Adam Bauerlein 12 B/DL
    Will Bradley 10 DL/LB
    Isaiah Brugueras 12 B/LB
    Colby Caballero 10 OL/DL
    Justin Cervoni 11 WR/DB
    Bronson Comer 12 OL/DL
    Seth Crockett 12 A/LB
    Cayden Eds 10 OL/DL
    Treson Everett 9 WR
    Elisha Fox 12 A/LB
    Ryan Gregoire 10 OL/DL
    Eric Haber 12 B/LB
    Bailey Henkel 12 A/DB
    Zaire Hocutt 10 A/DB
    Jared Howard 10 B/LB
    Grady Idzinski 11 OL/DL
    Mark Jackson 12 LB
    Daniel Joseph-Obara 11 OL/DL
    Elijiah Kelley 12 B/LB
    Grant Kesseler 12 DE/LB
    Kyle Kittrell 11 LB/B
    Garrett Kline 10 QB
    Devon Ladd 10 OL/DL
    Dalton  Lowe 12 OL/DL
    Jacob Mattingly 12 A/DB
    Isaha Millan 10 A/DB/K
    Jacob Miller 11 OL/DL
    Emmanuel Mptias 12 A/DB
    Brian Murphy 12 OL/DL
    Cameron Outlaw 12 K/P
    Bailey Purcell 11 DB/A
    Kieth Ramsey 12 LB/B
    Antonio Rivera 11 B/LB
    Kellian Simpson 10 A/DB
    DeQuan Williams 10 WR/DB