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    Seminole High School offers the only high school based STEAM Program in Pinellas County Schools. The VISION of SHS’s STEAM program is to develop specialized and innovative skills through exploration, critical thinking, and problem solving.


    The Secondary STEAM program offered at SHS is rooted in the interdisciplinary application and interaction of all educational disciplines. At SHS, we provide theme-based STEAM learning that provides 21st-Century Learning. In the STEAM program, real-life approaches to STEAM-oriented issues are gained through hands-on STEAM challenges and implementation of the engineering design process.


    Participation in the STEAM program will allow students to:

    • Address specific design challenges.
    • Use a variety of technologies to enhance their understanding of STEAM tasks.
    • Practice communication and leadership skills.
    • Explore STEAM careers and their associated pathways.
    • Provide avenues for students to use interdisciplinary skills to accomplish learning goals.

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    1. Summer Career Acceleration Program

    Sponsor: Jerry Cantrell, cantrellj@pcsb.org

    Location: Employers within Pinellas County

    Time: 6 weeks of each summer


    This video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMkSYcYwByE


    Summer Career Acceleration Program (SCAP) Overview 2023

    The Summer Career Acceleration Program aims to ensure that rising seniors graduate prepared to enter the workforce with real-world experience.  The program prepares students for the workforce through a combination of summer internships, career readiness skills training, and a financial literacy workshop.  This exciting program can make an enormous impact on the students’ futures.  Upon completion of this program, participating students will be equipped with the skills that will bolster job opportunities and provide them with a chance for greater long-term success.

    ·       Must be 16 years old on or before June 5th.

    ·       Look at the internships available here Summer Career Acceleration Program Jobs 2023-1.docx Download Summer Career Acceleration Program Jobs 2023-1.docx

    ·       Email resumes to desired companies by April 21st with a paragraph about why you would be a good candidate.

    ·       Students will complete the soft skills and financial literacy workshops virtually.  There will be a virtual orientation on June 2nd at 9 am, more information to follow.

    ·       The internship begins June 5th and ends July 31st.

    ·       Students may work up to 40 hours per week, on the days and times that are needed by the employer.

    ·       Students will make $15 per hour. Funding is coming from the CareerSource of Pinellas and the Pinellas Education Foundation. Qualifications will apply.

    ·       Must have their own transportation or be prepared to use public transportation.

    ·       Each week students will be visited by a coordinator to make sure everything is going well.

    ·       Students must dress and act professionally.

    ·       Student application must be filled out ASAP with parent/guardian signature (s).


    Contact information:

    Britney Norsworthy 

    Susan Heller

    Mariana Leslie

    SCAP Coordinator

    SCAP Coordinator

    Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning Specialist





    714-454-9256 cell