• Ground Notice

    Ground Notice is a process that can be used by administration to limit the amount of out-of-class time with those students that are not complying with attendance and/or tardy requirements. Students placed on notice cannot receive a pass unless it is an emergency and then must be accompanied by an adult to leave a classroom. They will be supervised to and from their destination. Students failing to attend school or have excessive tardy issues may be issued Ground Notice for a specific length of time. Students showing compliance may be removed early as determined by the administrator that issued the Ground Notice.  Failing to comply or showing a lack of improvement may extend the length.

    If a student is on Ground Notice and informs a teacher that they must leave the classroom due to emergency, the teacher is to push the call button to ask for assistance. The student will be escorted. Repeated calls from classrooms for the same student may result in administrative detention or other consequences. The administrative team will put out a weekly list of those students on this restriction and when they come off.


    -mb 1/24/14