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    The VISION of Seminole High School’s Sustainable Engineering Academy (SEA) is to develop specialized and innovative skills through exploration, critical thinking, and problem solving. SEA is rooted in the interdisciplinary application and interaction of all STEAM fields and includes different areas of CTAE and the Arts: Architectural, Environmental, Electrical, and Civil Engineering Technologies.


    SEA fosters meaningful relationships between students and the community through relevant academic and extracurricular activities.  The program provides access to diverse educational offerings, internships and evaluations.  SEA prepares students for engineering careers and for rigorous academic programs at the top engineering universities. Students participate in hands-on projects to design and create real-life prototypes. They also have opportunities to compete in events and robotics competitions at the state, national and world levels. Students learn to use engineering software and can earn certifications.  Participation in SEA will allow students to:

    • Address specific design challenges
    • Use a variety of technologies to enhance their understanding of STEAM fields.
    • Practice communication and leadership skills.
    • Explore STEAM careers and their associated pathways.
    • Provide avenues for students to use interdisciplinary skills to accomplish learning goals


    In this course, the students will be working on capstone projects, designing and creating real life prototypes, participating in competitive events at the State and National level, working with engineers, as well as learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Academy Lead: Jerry Cantrell



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