4A Academy, Visual and Performing Arts

  • Welcome to the Academy for the Advanced Achievement in the Arts! Known as the "4A" Academy, students from all branches of the Fine Arts are invited to join.  The four A's also each represent a pillar of the arts:

    1. Dramatic Arts

    2. Visual Arts

    3. Vocal Arts

    4. Instrumental Arts


    4A Academy Faculty

    Gerard Madrinan -- Academy Director/Band Director -- madrinang@pcsb.org

    Steve Harris -- Jazz Band Director/Orchestra Director/Music Technology/Theory/Keyboard -- harrisstev@pcsb.org

    Maya Berrios -- Choral Director/Guitar/Drama -- berriosm@pcsb.org

    Todd Leisk -- Visual Arts/2D & 3D Art -- leiskt@pcsb.org

    Blaine Barden -- Visual Arts/Photography/2D Art -- bardenb@pcsb.org


    Dr. M. Jane Lucas -- Principal/4A Academy Sponsor -- Lucasm@pcsb.org

    Jessica Fisher -- Asst Principal/4A Academy Sponsor -- fisherje@pcsb.org


    Do not hesitate to contact us with questions;  we would love to hear from you! 


    In order to be a member of the 4A Academy, students must be enrolled in at least one of the following courses:

    Drama:  Intro to Drama, Theater I-IV, Musical Theater I-III, Improvisation, Technical Design & Production

    Visual:  Creating 2D/3D Art, Photography I-II, Studio, Portfolio, AP 2D/3D, AP Art/Drawing

    Vocal:  Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus, Warhawk Singers, Seminole Singers

    Instrumental:  Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Sound Engineering, Theory, Guitar, Keyboard, Color Guard

    The 4A Academy offers courses of various levels from beginning/entry to advanced/elite.  These courses specialize in the concentration of their specific pillar.  Some are co-curricular, meaning their grade is based on in-class assessments and after-school rehearsals/performances.  Some courses possess a lab fee, and others utilize fundraising where parents and students work with an outside school booster organization.


    Our Mission Statement: To facilitate leadership and learning, not only in the field of art, but also in putting artistic creativity to use to help foster growth and connection with the community. 


    To apply for the 4A Academy, click any of the pictures below, download the application, and complete and email it to Mr. Madrinan at madrinang@pcsb.org