• Welcome to Seminole High School, home of the Warhawks! Coaches, faculty and staff all look forward to a great 2021-2022 athletic season. While we know students are eager and excited to play, PCS and FHSAA require some things for all athletes to be able to play.

    1.  Athletic physical exam on EL2 (done by physician) https://www.pcsb.org/cms/lib/FL01903687/Centricity/Domain/111/Sports-High-Middle-School_physical_2.pdf

    2.  School Insurance https://www.hsri.com/K12_Enrollment/Main/default.asp

    3.  Watch and earn certificate on: https://nfhslearn.com/

    1. Concussion in Sports
    2. Heat Illness Prevention
    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    4. Concussion for Students

    4.  Upload all documents on the Athletic Clearance Site (All documents need to be in PDF format) https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org/


    How to Access Videos

     Go to “nfhslearn.com”

    1. Click “Register” in the upper right hand corner - set up your account; must be your STUDENT NAME for the account
    2. Click on “Courses” on the top banner
    3. Find course you are taking:  Concussion in Sport; Heat Illness Prevention; Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    4. Scroll over the picture and click “View Course”
    5. Select your State
    6. Click “Order Course”
    7. Choose “Myself” & click “Continue”
    8. Click “Checkout”
    9. Check the Agreement box
    10. Click “Continue”
    11. Click the words “Click Here” at the end of the first sentence
    12. Click “Begin Course”
    13. You must go through all the prompts throughout the video. Each video has chapters and sections within the chapters that must be completed. There will be a short quiz as well.

                              Concussion in Sports                                 

                              Heat Illness Prevention                             

                              Sudden Cardiac Arrest 

                              Concussion for Students                            

    14. Upon completion of the course DOWNLOAD & SAVE your certificate in PDF format.


    Athletic Clearance to Participate in Sports


    Students must upload their information to be cleared to play:

    1. Go to “athleticclearance.com”
    2. Register or Sign in make sure to use the Student Name (not Parent) when registering
    1. Click “Start Clearance”
    2. Select: Year; School; & Sport (multiple sports will be added by Seminole Admin)
    3. “Step #1” - Student Information You'll need:  Student ID #; Family Doctor; Doctor Phone Number
    1. “Step #2 - Medical History

                Here you will upload PDF forms:

                            - EL2 Physical à upload to “Physical Form”

                            - 4 Certificates  

                            - Proof of Insurance

          Answer questions of Student Athletes Medical History

    1. “Step #3” - Parent/Guardian Information
    2. “Step #4” - Signatures

                Here you will be filling out the remainder of the Athletic Paperwork through electronic signatures and agreements.

                            - Parent/Guardian Section for signatures that requires completion

                            - Student Section for Signatures that requires completion

    1. “Step #5” - Donations

                This was not set up by Seminole High but by the 3rd Company that is hosting the downloading of the Athletic Packet.

                                                                                YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE.

    1. Confirmation Page - This is not needed to be printed. Make sure to select sports you may participate in for the school year
    1. Check your “Clearance” page. make sure your everything is cleared.  If completed it will say “COMPLETED” in green.  If NOT completed it will say “INCOMPLETE” in red
    1. Seminole High will be clearing athletes on a Daily basis