SHS Business Technology Department

  • "Where Business, Technology and Education merge to prepare our students for the real world".




      Our Department provides students with over 18 educational opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional classroom settings.  Technology courses focus on the most current industry recognized software programs available such as the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Adobe Suite.  Course Offerings:  Computing for College & Careers, Business Software Applications, Administrative Office Technology, Digital Design 1, 2 and 3, Web Design 1, 2 and 3, Cyber Security 1, 2 and 3.

    Traditional instructional courses include Legal Aspects of Business*, Business and Entrepreneurship Principles*, and International Finance and Law*, Introduction to E-Commerce and E-Commerce Entrepreneurship.

    *Quality Point Course

            Academy of E-Commerce

       The Academy offers students with a common interest in both business and technology to explore the world of E-Commerce. With on-line business increasing exponentially, the opportunities for jobs and careers is growing as well. Academy students must meet minimum requirements and advance with their cohort.  

    Teachers Assistant Program (TA)

      Available to Juniors and Seniors this program allows students the opportunity to gain valuable experience while working directly with a supervising teacher.


    Diversified Career Technology / On the Job Training (OJT)

      Available to Juniors and Seniors, DCT / OJT provides students the opportunity to earn high school credit while working.  Minimum Requirements apply and all students enrolled in OJT must also be enrolled in the DCT class.




      All Business Technology Students are provided the opportunity to gain industry certification in a variety of different applications (Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point/Access/Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver), MTA Cyber security.

      The certifications are designed to provide the recognition you need to help you excel in your career and provide employers with validation of your skills.  Many colleges and universities will also recognize industry certifications for college credit.



      SHS Business Technology Department and St. Petersburg College have an Articulation Agreement which allows students to earn college credit for specific classes & certifications.  For a complete list of all courses, please visit