• Seminole High School Counselors

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    Sarah Wood




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    Caley Forbes forbesm@pcsb.org    
    Last Names:
    Shaun Clark



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    Leslie Morrow morrowle@pcsb.org    




    The Seminole High School Guidance department strongly encourages active parent and student involvement in the preparation of high schools, post-secondary and lifetime goals. Students at each grade level are expected to take part in the comprehensive guidance program that our school has to offer.

    All parents are encouraged to utilize FOCUS. This service in combination with communication with your child’s guidance counselor enables you and your student to have the most up-to-date information regarding your student’s progress during their high school career.

    We are pleased to share the link to the newly released FOCUS Student Information System (SIS) Video Tutorial for Families pcsb.org/FocusInfo  This video will help families know how to gain access and then navigate through the FOCUS SIS. Please check out the video to learn more about how Focus system can support your child educational needs. The link can also be found on the Pinellas County Schools Facebook page and is accessible on the FOCUS SIS login page, under the “For Parents” paragraph.