• Varisty Head Coach:  Christine Applewhite - christine.applewhite@gmail.com

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    Welcome Back SHS Girls Soccer!! 
    Tryout Dates For Varsity and JV October 17th and 18th. 


    Required Paperwork

    Student athletes must complete this paperwork every year.

    Athletic PaperworkAll paperwork must be completed and approved prior to participation. Paperwork cannot be accepted or approved on deck.

    Link To Paperwork: 



    Student Insurance: All student athletes must purchase school insurance.

    Link to Insurance: 



    NFHS Certificates: All athletes must complete the 4 required NFHS Course videos. Certificates must be issued in the athlete's name and the current school year.

    1. Concussion in Sports
    2. Heat Illness Prevention
    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    4. Concussion for Student

    Search the terms: Heat Illness, Concussions, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest independently to register and complete the courses. You may have to create an account to do so. All courses are free for student athletes.


    Link to Certificates:



    Homeschool/Non-traditional students: Homeschool/Non-traditional students are required to fill the co-enrollment paperwork in addition to all required paperwork.


    Upload all the paperwork as PDF documents to the Athletic Clearance Site:

    • 2023 FHSAA participation form
    • Valid student physical (good for 1 calendar year)
    • Required Student Insurance
    • HFHS Certificates (4)


    Link to Clearance Site: 



    Paperwork Tips:

    • All paperwork must be uploaded in PDF form. JPEG/word documents, etc. will not be accepted.
    • Genius Scan is a free app to convert paperwork to PDF for uploading.
    • Physicals must be up to date (physicals are valid for 1 year).


    Clearance for participation

    • Athletes can not participate in practice or meets until all paperwork has been cleared.
    • Athletes must have a 2.0 unweighted GPA
    • If an athlete's physical expires during the season, they are no longer eligible to participate in practice or meets. PLEASE let a coach know when an updated physical has been uploaded. Clearance may take a few days.
    • You will receive an e-mail that your paperwork has been submitted. This is NOT approval or clearance.
    • You will receive an e-mail at a later date indicating if paperwork has been approved or denied. If paperwork is denied, you will receive information indicating the corrections that need to be made. You will need to re-upload your paperwork.
    • Coaches are not able to approve paperwork. All paperwork must be approved through the Athletic Clearance Site. Coaches do not have control over paperwork turnaround.



    Tryout Dates Tuesday Oct 17th and Wednesday Oct 18th.  


    Location: SJWAA 

    11500 125th St N Largo, FL 33774 United States


    Please arrive 10 minutes early. Be fully geared up. Bring Water. 


    Please Email Coach Christine Applewhite with any questions.