• Academy of E-Commerce
       This course is designed to provide an introduction to Electronic-Commerce (E-Commerce). This course covers topics such as history and evolution of e- commerce; e-commerce business models; impact of e- commerce in the world economy; security and tax issues in e-commerce; and e-commerce web site design, development and maintenance. 
       As students of intro to E-commerce we are extremely interested in the way that E-commerce was brought up and are interested in the curriculum that we are going to be learning about. Most of the students are certified in the Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.Also we are soon to be getting certified in the Business Associate Certification.
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    Wally Warhawk
    President: Sarah Cocoa
    Vice President: Gabriela Lora
    Secretary: Maddison Wetherington
    Treasurer: Shayla Perkins
    Historian: Shaun Whitcomb
    Advertising Manager (Print): Natalie Matute
    Advertising Manager (Online/Web): Kaitlyn Steele
    Social Media Manager: Natalie Evans
    President: Lillian Hooper
    Vice President: Nick Biglin
    Secretary: Brianna Fiorentino
    Social Media Manager: Madison Norris
    President: Adam Caringal
    Vice President: Grace Yore
    Secretary: Andre Brensel
    Treasurer: Hannah Williams
    Advertising Manager: Delaney Doehleman
    Executive Assistant: Cameron Alonso
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