Academy of E-Commerce

      • Welcome to Seminole High Schools Academy of E-Commerce! The Academy of E-Commerce invites aspiring students to an introduction to Electronic Commerce. This track covers topics like: 

        - Security and Tax issues in E-Commerce

        - The history and evolution of E-Commerce 

        - The impact of E-Commerce in our current economy 

        - E-Commerce business models

        - E-Commerce web design, maintenance, and development 


        E-Commerce Faculty

        Joshua Walker -- Business Department Lead --

        Daniel Kennedy -- Academy of E-Commerce Lead --


        Shaun Rhames -- Academy of E-Commerce Lead --

        Dr. M. Jane Lucas -- Principal --



        Do not hesitate to contact us with questions;  we would love to hear from you! 


        In order to be a member of the Academy of E-Commerce, students must be enrolled in at least one of the following business tracks:


        Digital Design

        Seminole Sports Career Institute

        Business Law and Accounting

        Game and SIM 

        The Academy of E-Commerce offers a wide variety of tracks that students can take during their high school experience. 

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    President: Kayla Harelson 

    Vice President: 



    President: Riley Rice

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     President: Daisy

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