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     Coach Spurgeon

    To instill a life-long love of swimming and to build a program of excellence in training, team unity, character development and family support where every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their potential and compete at the highest level.


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    Our Swimmers:


    Christie, Owen

    Fouse, Josh

    Ganio, Zekeal

    Greenwood, Zach

    Matthews, Gavin

    McClure, Nicolas

    McClure, Peter

    Meyers, Drew

    Moran, Connor J

    Ptacek, John L

    Russo, Joey

    Schwitzer, Joey

    Summers, Gavin

    Taylor, Christopher

    Thornsberry, Logan S

    Timberlake, Samuel

    Yore, Zach


    Behn, Ashley

    Bradley, Maggie

    Burke, Madison

    Burke, Riley

    Cavanaugh, Paxton

    Christie, Zaedee

    Collins, Olivia

    Crosthwait, Camille

    Deal, Caitlin

    Deweese, Kimberly

    Eames, Carly

    Fiorentino, Brianna

    Fruit, Cassidy

    Ganio, Cecelia

    Germosen, Isabella L

    Gooch, Jamie

    Grantges, Melanie

    Johnson, Hanna

    Laplante, Kendall

    Lee, Zoe

    Lewis, Caitlynn

    Marks, Sara

    Marrocco, Angelina

    McCue, Lauren

    Nickse, Morgan

    Noser, Sydney

    Perdomo, Berlyn

    Ptacek, Hannah

    Ray, Alexa

    Ray, Gabby

    Repka, Katherine

    Scherer, Lily

    Schweitzer, Davia

    Shoulders, Shelby

    Summers, Lydia

    Wing, Hailey

    Wing, Rachel

    Wing, Savannah

    Yore, Grace