Degrees and Certifications:

Colette Timson

I have been teaching 4th grade at Perkins since 2009. Before that, I taught 5thgrade and Kindergarten. 4th Grade is the best! I am originally from Ohio but have lived in Pinellas County nearly my whole life.  I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful children- an adult daughter and son (who is a Perkins graduate).  I also have 2 extremely talkative cats and 1 dog.  When I’m not at Perkins, or with my family, I can usually be found digging in the dirt- plants are my passion!  Watching things grow and thrive is the ultimate magical experience.

My mission as a teacher is to help guide and grow a sense of curiosity, determination, confidence, community, compassion, and resilience in our young learners.  

I love this school and feel fortunate to be part of all the unique opportunities and experiences available at Perkins!

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