Our Healthy School

  •  Healthier Generation

    Our School Goal for Wellness is: 

    The number of all students engaging in healthier habits will increase from 2 modules eligible for bronze status to 3 modules eligible, as measured by Alliance for Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program Assessment.


     ***Bay Point Elementary School will require that all foods and beverages sold, served, and offered during the school day, and the extended school day, meet Smart Snack's guidelines.

    Also as part of our Healthy School program, we do not offer or utilize any vending services for students separate from those items that they can purchase following Smart Snack Guidelines in our Cafeteria.

    Join our school in celebration of Healthier Choices for our students and leading them to life long wellness skills!!!


    Healthy Tip and Tools:

    Food planning Calculator-



    Alliance for a Healthier Generation Resource Page:

    Alliance for a Healthier generation


    Pinellas County Healthier School Wellness Guidelines:

    Wellness Guidelines