Title 1

  • Title I Annual Meeting

    Bay Point Elementary School


    If you missed our Title I Annual Meeting-Open House, here are some of the highlights:


    ·         * Title I –what it is, how it works and how it benefits your child

    ·         * School Accountability Report Card, No Child Left Behind and Adequate Yearly Progress

    ·         * The importance of working together and our School/Parent/Student Compact

    ·         * Our Parent Involvement Plan

    ·        *  Title 1 Budget

    ·         * Bay Point’s current school grade and where we are going with your help!

    ·        *  How your Involvement is the key to your child’s success!

    We look forward to meeting with you at future school events and activities. Please call with any questions you have about our school or the Title I program.



    Dr. Proctor

    Dr Proctor, Principal

    Bay Point Elementary School Magnet