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    We want to spotlight and highlight all the great staff at Bay Point Elementary Magnet School. Please help us recognize special folks on our campus. We will be sharing our staff members of the month as well as the recognition our family gets through the district's Staff PCS Praise program. Please feel free to submit a "Praise nomination" to us at brooms@pcsb.org.

    August Teacher of the Month: Amy Barker (Speech/Language Pathologist) & Nicole Wood (2nd grade teacher)

    PCS Praise Quotes:

     "Mrs. Stetz is always willing to jump in to support scholars, staff and families. She is patient and always willing to go the extra mile above what is asked or expected. She knows every family and family connection we have in campus and always works from "Service with a Smile". She is a problem solver. Mrs. Stetz rarely sees barriers, just opportunities. It is a daily pleasure to work with her. " - 9/15/22

     "I was an ELA coach at Bay Point Elementary the year Taylor started working in a kindergarten classroom in PCS. While she had a very challenging class, she was committed to coming to her classroom each day with a smile on her face, spreading love and joy across campus. Her dedication to students and their families embodied what our core values are all about.
    Two years later, I visited Taylor's classroom and was astounded at what this third year teacher has accomplished. Not only did she maintain the caring and respectful relationships she is known for, but she has grown into a model teacher who is not just loving kids, but growing their minds and giving them the confidence to become leaders. Even though I was just "walking through" to observe, she handed me a pile of alphabet cards and a kid to practice tracing letters with!
    You can't say no to that kind of dedication, right?
    Taylor Bryan embodies commitment, caring, and the importance of responsibility to not just show up each day (which can be a feat in itself), but grow lifelong learners. She's absolutely one to watch!"- 9/9/22

    "Kim has not stopped at all this school year! She has set up and supported testing for all grade levels. She's set up computers, fixed issues, and most importantly kept a calm and excited presence to help motivate scholars. She goes out of her way to do what's best for our scholars, staff, and school community!"- 9-2-22

    "Ms. Johannesse has transitioned into our family like she has always been there. She is smart, active,  a problem solver and has an amazing sense of humor.  She is passionate about our scholars and the work our teachers do. Ms. Johannessen has made sure that we stay on track and that we all have someone we can count on. We are excited to have her."- 9/1/22  

     "Amy deserves recognition as she demonstrates her commitment to children and families by responding to a request for assistance at another school with a can do attitude.  She is student focused and a part of solutions!  "- 8/26/22

    "With numerous school changes, including a multitude of new staff, Franchesca has kept her cool and kept things moving so that our families are none the wiser for knowing we are short staffed. She always has a smile and is always stepping up to help. She wants our scholars and families to have what they need. We'd be lost without her "- 7/27/22