Visual Arts

  • At Jamerson Elementary your child will be part of an exciting visual arts education program!

    Students will...
    Explore the great art, artists, and cultures of the world.
    Develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork.
    Participate in hands-on art activities through regular classwork, Art Focus groups, and school clubs.
    Develop critical thinking skills by studying their own and others’ artwork.


    Art is closely connected to engineering design and geometry.  Students use the Jamerson Design Process to create pieces.  They also learn to use 3D design software, draw scientific diagrams, and use scale/proportion. 
    Check out the latest iPad Art!
    Visit Artsonia (Search: Douglas Jamerson Elementary) to view many additional artifacts and leave positive comments!

    Dali Museum Junior Docent Tours

    Fifth grade Art Focus students train as Dali Museum Junior Docents each year.  Check out some of what the Dali Museum adult guests/visitors have to say about the students that work so hard to prepare:
    "They really know their stuff."
    "I am a teacher myself, and I am amazed at how well these students are communicating."
    "What time is the next children's tour?"
    “It was a flawless success! Our junior docents were enthusiastic, poised, and knowledgeable.”