Transportation Information


    Bus Riders 
    Jamerson uses PCSB bus transportation as transportation to and from school.  
    Please call our school OR the Transportation Office if you have any questions: (727) 587-2020

    Car Riders
    Cars enter the front gate or main entrance, staying to the right and go around the outside of the parking lot until they get to the numbered poles.  A car rider attendant will let you know which numbered pole to go to.  After picking up your child, you will then proceed back out the main entrance.
    Crossing Guards

    Crossing guards are hired and placed by the various jurisdictions throughout Pinellas County. Crossing Guard posts are usually staffed with a focus on getting zoned students safely to their zoned school. Parents opting to enroll their student in a non-zoned school should not expect a crossing guard to be added to accommodate their child’s trip to school outside of the school zone.

    ***We have YMCA on-site for before and after school care***