• Jamerson LOVES Volunteers!

    Whether you want to volunteer at a specific event or every week, we can use you! We are so fortunate to have over 250 active volunteers who give over 10,000 hours of their time each year. 


    We need volunteers to help with: school stores, media center, classrooms, PTA, SAC, mentors, field trips, guest speakers, and so much more.


    ALL volunteers need to be registered and approved. Certain volunteers will require a level 2 background check (i.e., fingerprinting).

    For more information on volunteering in a Pinellas County School you can visit the: Strategic Partnership Page here.


    Level II

    If you would like to become a Level II volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Registration and Background Screening Procedures Page to find an approved Pinellas County School Board fingerprinting location.


    Current Family & Community Volunteers

    Following Summer Break, all PCS Volunteer profiles are placed as:  INACTIVE  

    All returning volunteers must re-activate in the Volunteer System prior to volunteering. Please re-activate your volunteer account.

    To sign into the Volunteer System, please use a Google Chrome browser and go to:  https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer 


    Enter your username and password: 

    User ID: V. Last name, first initial

    Example: V.Charkm

    Password: Your Last name (Capitalize the first letter only) followed by the 4-digit Birth YEAR

    Example: Chark1990

    Common last names may have additional characters or symbols as part of the user ID.  If your user ID and password has not been confirmed to you by an email, please contact the Family & Community Liaison at the school (steesl@pcsb.org).

    Please answer the criminal offense questions and be sure to click I AGREE with the confidentiality statement to SAVE your answers. You can update your personal information and log out in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    Please don’t forget to log your volunteer hours.

    Do NOT re-activate using any mobile device.  To do so may inadvertently answer the criminal offense questions incorrectly, which would delay your clearance. 


    New Volunteers

    Get Involved with our Future
    Volunteer, Mentor, Tutor, Speakers, PTA, School Advisory Council, Business & Community Partnerships, Family Engagement, and more...

    We hope we can count on your support; complete the online registration and upload your driver’s license or a legal photo ID. Your application will be processed, and you will receive an email approval with your User ID and password to log your volunteer hours.

    If you cannot upload your driver’s license, please complete the application and contact the family & community liaison at the school you will be volunteering at- they will scan and upload it for you. 

    This volunteer registration url: www.pcsb.org/volunteerregistration

    To find out more about volunteering at Jamerson, please contact our Family & Community Liaison: Laura Stees steesl@pcsb.org.