Technology Mission Statement
    Provide instruction in the use of digital technology, skills, and resources needed for higher learning.

     At Jamerson Elementary, your child will learn to be proficient in computer skills with many different types of computer hardware and technology.  Beginning in kindergarten, our students learn how to use a computer and other devices.
    • Primary classrooms have all-in-one desktops and 2-in-1 touchpad laptops.
    • All grade levels have assigned mobile labs that can be used when classrooms need 1-1 technology for specific projects. Most classes share a full 20+ device cart between 2 teachers.
    • All classrooms have Smartboard technology. 
    • Jamerson has a computer lab for all classes to use, housing 23 desktop computers.  Lab time is spent on Dreambox, iStation, iReady, & Ready Math.
    • A Kindle Lab (25) is available in the library.
    • An iPad Lab is also available in the art room.
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