Media Center/Library

  • The mission of our media center is to provide materials and resources focusing on the engineering, math, research, and cultural requirements of our students and staff to support educational and recreational reading by promoting learning and critical thinking.

    MJD Media Center
     The Mary Jane Dann Media Center was named in 2015 in honor of our past principal whose famous quote is "The more you read, the better you read!"  The center is accessible to all students.  Students may check out books or use our makerspace/Fab Lab room for building and creating.  The center is open before school at 8:15 and stays open until the final bell at 2:55.  All classes attend the library and Fab Lab weekly.

    The online card catalog for our school's library AND access to eBooks can be found at:

    Select "Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary" under "Elementary Schools," on the left hand side of the webpage, for our individual school's books and access.