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  • Welcome to the ExCEL Program at Largo High School!

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    Eric C. Smith, Ph.D.

    Assistant Principal & Coordinator

    Stephen White

    ExCEL Counselor

    Susan Carroll

    Program Secretary

    Direct Line to ExCEL Office: (727) 588-4622

    School Fax: (727) 588-4037

    The ExCEL magnet program promotes career and college readiness and leadership development through project-based and hands-on learning.  Students engage in real-world problem-solving and gain valuable experience through career shadowing opportunities.  ExCEL embraces the philosophy and strategies of the AVID program through tutoring, mentoring, study skills instruction, and peer group support.  Incorporating the AVID elective course into the ExCEL curriculum helps our students prepare for life after high school while building on the success they may have experienced in middle school AVID programs.  Non-traditional instructional methods such as project-based learning, alternative assessment, and educational opportunities beyond the classroom are what make the ExCEL magnet program a unique and rewarding high school experience.

    ExCEL provides opportunities for students with all types of backgrounds and interests to excel at school and gain traction with what their future looks like by engaging in opportunities to explore career ideas, try out different types of courses, and plan for their future. AVID plays a large role in the program by providing students with tools that will help them be great students, great leaders, and be ready for the world after high school.

    ExCEL is a county-wide magnet program selecting students throughout Pinellas County to join our student-centered environment.  Arterial school bus transportation is provided.


    School Mission
    Largo High School aims to deliver positive, rigorous instruction designed to empower students’ lifelong learning, successful academics and civic engagement, global understanding, and a respect for individuals and societies.


    School Vision
    100% Student Success

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