• Yearbook 

  • Yearbook Staff Expectations

    Being a Yearbooker is hard work with many rewards at the end.

    • Students have to come early and stay late and take pictures of events happening in the school.
    • They also have to step out of their comfort zone and interview students they don’t know.
    • There are other jobs, too such as making TV loops, making marketing videos, designing posters, and putting together the yearbook pages to make it perfect for the school.
    • At the end, after all the work, the final product in the students’ hands is all worth it.



  • How to join the Yearbook Staff?


    *    Students cannot have any detentions.

    *   Students must maintain an A/B average.

    *   They need 3 teacher recommendations.

    *   Must be available before school or after school.

    *   Be a team player- yearbook is all about teamwork.

    *   Know the basics of Office 365 including Word and PPT.

Last Modified on February 12, 2019