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    Application for CFMS Math Team 2022 - 2023 

    Welcome to the 7th year of the CFMS Math Team! All students are encouraged to apply and will be accepted based on scores, motivation, and dedication. Students will be selected to represent CFMS in local, statewide, and national competitions. 

    Open tryouts will be held beginning TO BE ANNOUNCED. Students who qualify will be invited to compete or be an alternate. 

    MEETING DAY: Wednesday 
    TIME: 2:50 PM - 4:00 PM 
    LOCATION:  Room 302A 
    PICKUP:Promptly within 10 minutes of dismissal at the front office exit. 




    TEAM SHIRT FEE / DONATION DUE (invited students): 
    The math team operates on a generous budget from the Math Department. A $20 donation is requested to help cover the cost of the T-shirts. This donation is voluntary and nonrefundable if a student drops out of the math team. Donations can be made in cash or check to CFMS beginning To be determined. 

    Mathletes need energy after a long day! Please drop off individual snack and drink donations to the front office labeled: "Math Team." Thank you for your generosity. 

    SPONSOR: Ms. Ciresi -  (ciresia@pcsb.org
    Please contact Ms. Ciresi for all math team issues. 

    To register and receive math team updates, please click on the link below. We look forward to seeing you! 

    MATH TEAM Registration:   https://www.remind.com/join/mathblaz 


  • MIghty Mu Math Competition 2022

    Posted by M. Argueta on 3/26/2022 4:30:00 PM

    Kudos to our mathletes who participated in the Mighty Mu Competition held at Saint Petersburg High School this morning. We had wonderful results in this last-minute competition.


    1st place individual: Daniel J.

    2nd place individual: Jake P.

    3rd place individual: Gabrielle Z.


    3rd place individual:

    Kaelyn A. and Austin B.


    1st place individual: Frank Z.

    2nd place individual: Vraj P.


    Team Results:

    1st place Geometry Team 1

      • Lily N.
      • Jake P.
      • Gabrielle Z.

    2nd place Geometry Team 2

      • Daniel J.
      • Nathan M.
      • George R.

    3rd place Algebra Team 1

      • Kaelyn A.
      • Austin B.

    1st place Pre-Algebra Team 2

      • Vraj P.
      • Noah M.
      • Frank Z.

    3rd place Pre-Algebra Team 1

      • Ella C.
      • Natalie M.
      • Ivan R.
      • Skylar W.

    3rd place 6th/7th Math Team 1

      • Coral C.

    Coral was a one-woman team in the division with the largest representation!! Way to go CFMS mathblazers!

    We are so very proud of you all.

    CFMS is so grateful for the amazing contributions of our math coach, Veronica Zsido and the leadership of Ms. Ciresi. Thank you for your amazing math knowledge and support.

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  • Calling all Mathletes…the 2021-2022

    Posted by Mayra Argueta on 10/11/2021 3:00:00 PM

    Calling all Mathletes…the 2021-2022

    MathBlazers are ready to commence. We want YOU to come have some fun with math and your friends. Please visit the school website for a registration link and a copy of the schedule. Our first meeting will take place after school on Wednesday, October 13th in Ms. Ciresi’s classroom 302A. Be there or be Squared.

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  • Math Counts 2020

    Posted by Mayra Argueta on 2/15/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Congratulations to our CFMS Math Blazers! They are Pinellas County champions for 6 years running! Thank you to the amazing math teachers who inspire these kids to have a passion for math. Thank you to our amazing math coaches, Ms. Tina Allen and Mrs. Veronica Zsido for sharing their gifts with us. 


    1st Place Team:

    • Luke D.
    • Jake M.
    • Carter M.
    • Jack P.
    • Alternate: Nicholas M.

     1st place individual: Luke D.

    6th place individual: Jack P.

    10th place individual: Jake M.



    • Luke D.
    • Trevor F.
    • Noah H.
    • Manish K.
    • Jack P.
    • Jake P.
    • Nicholas M.
    • Jake M.
    • Carter M.
    • Laney R.
    • Micah S.
    • Gabrielle Z.


    Our team will be traveling to Jacksonville on March 19th to compete in the state MATHCOUNTS competition. Way to go Math Blazers!


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  • Mighty Mu Competition - 11/16/19

    Posted by Mayra Argueta on 11/16/2019 4:15:00 PM

    Congratulations to all of our mathletes who competed at PHUHS today. We appreciate your drive and dedication to math.

    Our Math Blazers had a successful day!

    We would also like to send a HUGE thank you to our volunteer coaches Mrs. Jennifer West and Mrs. Veronica Zsido. We appreciate you and are grateful for your time and guidance.



    6th Grade:

    Colette K., Arjun H., Amelia G., Nikolai B. Leo L., Hera B.j, Sean C.

    7th Grade/Pre-Algebra:

    Daniel J., Alex Z., Jake P., Lily N., Gabrielle Z., Jillian F., Yassin E., Violet S.


    Trevor F., Jake M., Carlo D., Manish K., Katie C., Micah S., Eldar Z., Garrett B.


    Jack P., Luke D., Laney R., Carter M., Noah H., Leia H., Bea S., Nicholas J. 


    Geometry:                                                    7th Grade/Pre-Algebra:

    2nd Place Team:                                            3rd Place Team:

    Jack P.                                                            Daniel J.

    Laney R.                                                         Jake P.

    Carter M.                                                        Lily N.


    4th place individual: Jack P.                 1st place individual: Alex Z.

    10th place individual: Luke D.        4th place individual: Jake P.


    6th Grade:

    3rd Place Team:

    Colette K.

    Arjun H.

    Amelia G.

    Nikolai B.


    1st place individual: Colette K.




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  • FAMAT Regional Results

    Posted by Mayra Argueta on 1/22/2019

    FAMAT January Regional



    2nd Place Individual: Peyton M

    7th Place Team: Peyton M, Shea S, Daniel M, Darya R


    Algebra 1

    8th Place Individual: Luke D

    11th Place Individual: Jack P

    4th Place Team: Luke D, Jack P, Carter M, Laney R


    MathBlazers 18-19


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  • Mighty Mu competition at Palm Harbor University High School

    Posted by Mayra Argueta on 12/15/2018

    Here are results and pictures from the Mighty Mu competition that took place Saturday at Palm Harbor University High School. Thank you to Mrs. Szirmai and Mrs. Hawthorne for coming out to support the team.


    1st Place Middle School: Clearwater Fundamental MSgroup picture

    Most Digits of Pi: Ryan Galbraith - 1st Place

    6th Grade
    2nd Place Team: Alexa R, Sydney S, Micah S, Joseph S
    Micah S - 2nd Place Individual
    Joseph S - 4th Place Individual

    2nd Place Team: Garrett B, Trevor F, Jake M, Matthew W
    Jake M - 3rd Place Individual
    Trevor F - 6th Place Individual

    Jack P - 5th Place Individual
    Luke D - 7th Place Individual

    2nd Place Team: Jack B, Kyle B, Hannah H, Peyton M
    Peyton M - 1st Place Individual
    Kyle B - 3rd Place Individual
    Shea S - 10th Place Individual


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