• Attendance Policy

    TO REPORT YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE: Send an email to Moorek@pcsb.org stating the child’s name, reason for absence and date. This can all be put in the subject line: Joe Student, out sick, 9/5/13.
    ATTENDANCE POLICY: Florida state law requires attendance in school until age 16. Each student is expected to accept responsibility for regular class attendance. This is consistent with fundamental school philosophy. Students who are excessively absent (15 days) may be referred to the Intervention and Appeals Committee (IAC) and/or the child study team.
    MAKE UP WORK: A student who has an absence shall make arrangements with the teachers for any make-up work the next time the class meets. It is the student's responsibility to make these arrangements. A student is given one (1) day to make up work for each day missed. Even if classwork and homework is made up, the student can never recapture the time lost from the classroom. Teachers cannot be expected to re-teach a lesson already presented in class. Make-up work for unexcused absences may be penalized a letter grade. Any work not made up within time limits will result in a zero.
    ABSENCES: Any absence which does not meet the criteria of an excused absence is an unexcused absence. For example, absences as the result of an Out-of-School suspension, family vacation, extracurricular competitions or activities, or students excluded due to an incomplete Certificate of Immunization will be considered as absent unexcused. Students absent for unknown reasons will also be considered unexcused. Tardies are excused only with a doctor's note. The school may request that the parent produce medical documentation from a doctor or public health unit. If the student has been out of school for more than five days consecutively, the parent must provide medical documentation for the absence to be excused. A student who is not present in class at least one half of the class period will be counted absent from that class. In order to get credit for attendance for the school day, the student must be in attendance for at least one half of the class periods during the school day. Every three (3) unexcused tardies within a grading period count as one unexcused absence. Students with 3 unexcused tardies in one class, in one grading period, will be issued a detention. It is expected for every family to be prepared for vehicle and transit challenges.
Last Modified on February 12, 2019