Volunteering at CFMS

     If you are interested in volunteering at CFMS, contact Teresa Daiker at 727-298-1609 or daikert@pcsb.org

     For the safety of Pinellas County students, a volunteer registration form, and a copy of your driver's license must be on file with the school, BEFORE volunteers may work with our children. You may pick up a form in the front office.

    **Please note: Volunteers must be registered and screened at least 10 days before chaperoning a field trip. Please have your paperwork turned in immediately if you are considering volunteering as a chaperone.

    The Volunteer Registration Form, Volunteer Driver Form, Level 2 Fingerprinting Information are available at this site:  

    Volunteer Reminders

    • When arriving on campus to volunteer, please sign in with the front office and wear your visitor sticker / Volunteer ID at all times.
    • Volunteers should log all hours in the computer in the front office. If you have trouble with the computer, or don't get in often enough to log your hours, send a note to the office indicating your name, your phone number, and the number of hours worked and we will log them for you.
    • While on campus, please use the restrooms in the front office. Do not use the students' restrooms.