Both prescription and over-the-counter medications must be stored and administered in the office (this includes cough drops). The parent or guardian must complete the blue card for prescription medications, and the orange card for over-the-counter medications. Students carrying inhalers, epi pens, or other medical devices are required to notify the office and complete a form as well. (School Board Policy) Leftover medications not picked up by a parent will be destroyed by 12:00PM on the last day of school.

    If medication is required during school hours, the following guidelines will apply:

    • Students may not transport medication to or from school.
    • Over-the counter products, including but not limited to non-prescription medication, and cough drops, will require both parent and health care provider's signature. 
    • All medications must be in their original pharmacy or unopened manufacturer's container. 
    • Prescription medications must be given to the school with a pharmacy label attached. Labels must include: Student's name, medication name, specific dosage instructions & time, date the prescription was filled, health care provider name, pharmacy name & telephone number. 
    • Over the counter (OTC) products or medications must have a health care provider order which includes: Student name, medication name, specific dosage instructions & time, signature of MD and phone number.