Teacher Title E-Mail Courses Club Sponsor/Coach
Dan Dunavin dunavind@pcsb.org Economics, Economics Honors Jr. Old Salt's
Noelle Lennon lennonn@pcsb.org AP Human Geography
Rick Pile piler@pcsb.org AP Psychology and Psych 2 Girls JV Soccer Coach
Tracey Colton coltont@pcsb.org Advanced Placement World History, World History / Honors, SPC - Dual-Enrollment: College Success (College Experience), Contemporary History
Darlene Davis-Parvin davisparvind@pcsb.org U.S. History, Dual-enrollment Humanities 2210, Critical Thinking and World Religions
Anthony Blakeney blakeneya@pcsb.org World History, US Government. Assistant Track Coach
Brian Yarbrough Yarbroughb@pcsb.org AP US History, Honors US History, The Holocaust. Debate Team and Model UN
Charles Graves GRAVESCH@pcsb.org Holocaust, U.S Government, AP European History Lacrosse & asst. Football
Brendan Tateishi TATEISHIB@pcsb.org World History
Zachary Benson bensonz@pcsb.org
Matthew Clay claym@pcsb.org World History Honors and World History
Eric Rundle rundlee@pcsb.org Psychology 1, Psychology 2, Critical Thinking
Jessica Herring herringj@pcsb.org